Smoke Grenades wow!!

We started adding lots and lots of smoke grenades to the website for you all last week. They’re all on there now and you are going to be impressed! We have a great range of different sizes, brands and colours.

We stock smoke grenades and smoke flares in the following colours red, pink, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, black and white.

We stock handheld smoke grenades and throw down smoke grenades, which last over one minute. We stock all the major brands like Enola Gaye, Black Cat, Hallmarks and Indoor Fireworks.

Smoke Grenades are typically used for photography, birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, gender reveals, baby showers, christenings, retirement parties, hen and stag do's, music videos, film shoots, Mehndi and Henna parties, car rally's, exhibitions, product launches, paintballing, airsoft, dance shows, outdoor activities, kid's parties, performing arts and Halloween decorations. They can also be used as safety signal flares and for chimney cleaning.

Some bits and bobs you may want to know are:

What to look for when buying smoke grenades

Smoke grenades, smoke bombs or smoke flares can create stunning visual effects to photography, video or even just for a bit of fun.

They are relatively low cost and come in multiple colours to suit the effect you are trying to create. Smoke grenades can either be handheld or set off in a safe location to create vibrant effects.

When sourcing your smoke grenades, it is worth checking if they are safe to hold when live. There are some smoke grenades that are get too hot to handle meaning you will most likely need to drop them. Key aspects to think of for when you want to use them are:

· The length of time the grenade with release smoke for. Most last between 30 and 90 seconds

· How easy they are to use. Most are wire ring pull ignition

· Price/Cost

· If they are non-toxic

· If they are handheld

· Density of smoke


How do smoke grenades work and how do we use them?

How does a small cannister actually create that fantastic plume of smoke you may ask? Essentially, the grenade is made up of combustible compound which is ignited to create an explosion. This releases coloured smoke. The ignition can be lit or generated with a ring pull, similar to a can of Coca-Cola.

The ring pull grenades are becoming the most common, you literally pull the ring and within 1-2 seconds the smoke starts to be emitted.

Smoke grenades come in numerous colours and can create different sizes of smoke plume. We have smoke grenades from Enola Gaye, Black Cat and Hallmark that produce high quality smoke and vivid colours.

Smoke grenades have numerous names such as smoke bombs and smoke flares.

Smoke grenades are useful for airsoft games, paintball games, self-defence and practical jokes. They are also used in smoke tests. More and more they are now also being used for photography and videos.

Smoke Grenades Safety Tips

It’s important to acknowledge that although grenades are non-explosive, they should still be handled with care. Some handheld smoke grenades can become hot to touch therefore it’s important to know what you are buying.

We have put together some smoke grenade safety tips to keep you as safe as possible:

· Do not use smoke grenades around children or animals. The smoke can be quite over whelming and could startle or scare them.

· Be mindful of the weather. If you are using smoke grenades for a photography shoot or video the rain or wind can interfere with the impact of the smoke.

· Some colours may clash with the impact you are trying to create. It’s worth seeing a video of the grenade in action so you can see the actual colour versus what’s on the tube.

· Some coloured smoke grenades can leave staining on clothing. Again, be mindful of what you buy and what you wear. No one wants an expensive white wedding dress to turn to green in a few seconds.

· Avoid holding the grenades too close to your face

· Pour water over the grenade if it does get too hot. You don’t want someone picking it up and it’s still hot to the touch. Smoke grenades can continue heating up after they’ve stopped emitting smoke, so have a safe place to put them once you’re done with them, like a metal bucket. Consider wearing gloves; although it’s not required, it can help you feel comfortable and safe.

· Ensure you dispose of the smoke grenades respectfully.

· Big is not always better. Huge smoke plumes can be over-whelming and could cause you to cough.

· Some smoke grenades can spark on ignition; therefore, try and light the grenade away from you. If possible, you can use eye protection such as goggles.