Frequently asked questions

What is a sparkler?

A sparkler is a stick that throws of brilliant sparks on ignition. Sparklers are a common thing that are use at fireworks displays to add a little interactive fun, they are great for children, however adults can use and love them just as much too. Sparklers now come in all shapes and sizes. You can get indoor and outdoor sparklers, coloured or just plain (goldish colour) and all shapes like hearts or stars to just the regular straight stick.

In the United Kingdom, a sparkler is often used by children at bonfire and fireworks displays on Guy Fawkes Night, the fifth of November and in the United States on Independence Day. They are called phuljhadi in Hindi and are popular during the Diwali festival.

Can I buy sparklers online?

Absolutely, at Cheapest Sparklers Online we do exactly what we say on the tin. You can browse our wide range of sparklers and party accessories from wherever you are. Payments are safe and secure and range from credit/debit card/PayPal/Apple and Google pay. We also offer a dud free guarantee meaning we will refund your product if it’s is faulty. Once you’re ordered is placed you can get free UK delivery directly to your door.

Are sparklers safe to use indoors?

Not all sparklers are safe to use indoors, so if you plan to use them inside you need to be sure you are buying the right ones. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we have indoor sparklers that are good for the job, from handheld gold sparklers all the way to small 10" sparklers. We also stock cake sparklers you can use indoors and lots of varieties of champagne sparklers/ice fountains (we even have a musical ice fountain). If you don’t want to light a sparkler indoors, we also sell other products like candles, confetti cannons and party poppers or fun snaps to still make an impact.

How do I know which sparklers to buy for my celebration?

It can be dauting to know which is the right sparkler to buy, especially if you are buying sparklers online. As with most online sales you have to make a choice before you even see the product. There are many types of sparklers to choose from, indoor sparklers, outdoor sparklers, different sized sparklers, different shape sparklers even different colour sparklers and ones that make noises, like crackling sparklers. If you are confused and need any support Cheapest Sparklers Online can help you. You can call or email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you do make a

purchase and decide to change it to something else, we do offer 14-day returns. Please see our returns policy for more information.

Can I buy sparklers with free delivery?

At Cheapest Sparklers Online the price you see is all you pay. Don't get stung by low product prices and hefty delivery charges. Some companies will charge low prices but add on high delivery costs. We do have some delivery options that have costs attached, but that's if you need the products super quick, if you are happy to wait a maximum of 7 days, we offer free UK delivery. Our free UK delivery also has no minimum order value meaning if you only need one candle, you do not have to worry that you will have to pay delivery.

How do I get free delivery?

We offer free delivery on all orders to the UK. There is no minimum and maximum amount. When you go to checkout the free delivery is an option in the basket. Make sure it is clicked and you won’t be charged.

What temperature does a sparkler burn?

The temperature of the burning sparkler can easily reach between 1000-1600˚C. That’s hot!