Sparklers buying guide

It can be dauting to know which is the right sparkler to buy, especially if you are buying sparklers online. There are many types of sparklers to choose from. To help you we've listed some questions you may want to ask yourself when buying sparklers:

Do you want to use your sparklers indoors or outdoors? 
Sparklers are safe to use if you follow the instructions, however some do give off slightly more smoke making them unsuitable for indoors. You can buy smokeless sparklers (more commonly called indoor sparklers) so if you want to use them indoors look out for the right ones. The indoor sparklers can then also be used outdoors. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we have a few indoor sparklers, for example handheld gold sparklers all the way to small 10" sparklers. We also stock cake sparklers you can use indoors and lots of varieties of champagne sparklers/ice fountains (we even have a musical ice fountain). If you don’t want to light a sparkler indoors, we also sell other products like candles, confetti cannons and party poppers or fun snaps to still make an impact. An important thing to remember though is you still need to be careful with indoor sparklers; if you drop them on a carpet for example, they will do as much damage as any other sparkler.

What length sparklers do you want?
This can be decided by a few things, for example burn time, age of the person who is going to use them, or event.
A rough way to decide this is 10" sparklers burn for approximately 40 seconds and 20" burn for approximately 1.5 minutes. For example, if you are using them at a wedding the longer ones would be better to make sure any photographs capture the moment before the sparklers end, or if its Bonfire Night and the kids want to use them in the garden, they may lose concentration on the longer sparklers so having more shorter ones could be the answer. 

At Cheapest Sparklers Online we stock a variety of lengths, we have added the length to the product description to make it easy to see at a glance.

Do you want to hold your sparklers?
Not all sparklers are handheld. Some are relatively short for example the cake number sparklers and are not designed to be held in a hand as the sparks are too close to your skin and may damage your clothing. Always take a look at the product pages before you purchase if you are unsure or have a specific requirement with your sparkler. 
Do you want sparklers to put in your cake?
Food safe sparklers, cake sparklers, champagne sparklers, ice fountains and candle sparklers as they can often be called are all great to add to a cake. They are a welcome change to the more typical birthday candles used in cakes for many years. Cheapest Sparklers Online sells all these varieties in lots of great colours, shapes and lengths too. They often come with a holder you can use to insert them into your cake. We do find that as you sometimes need to light them quite quickly a blow torch lighter is better than a normal lighter.
How long do you want the sparkler to last? 

The burn time of sparklers can vary, depending on the size and quality. A rough guide is 10" sparklers burn for approximately 40 seconds and 16" burn for approximately a minute. The length of each sparkler is listed in on the products we sell here at Cheapest Sparklers Online. 

What shape sparkler do you want?
Whilst most sparklers are just straight sticks you can also buy some shaped sparklers. Heart sparklers and star sparklers are some of the common shapes. Take a look at our shaped sparkler category for some ideas.
What colour sparklers do you want?
Coloured sparklers can mean two things. You can get sparklers that are coated in a certain colour like gold, silver, rose gold, pink and blue to match your party decor, however when they are lit, they burn the usual gold spark colour. In these examples it is just the coating that is coloured. At Cheapest Sparklers we have lots of these, a lot of the cake and indoor sparklers are colour coated. You can also get sparklers that burn different colours, from neon to more typical colours of the rainbow. These are a great one for Bonfire night with the kids! 
Do you want louder noise sparklers?
Not only can you have sparks but you can have crackles too. Crackling sparklers as slightly louder than regular sparklers. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we stock crackling sparklers and regular sparklers too.
Do you want eco-friendly sparklers?
Sparklers are made from different materials. Some are eco-friendly and some are the standard iron sparkler and need to be disposed of safely in a dustbin. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we stock eco-friendly sparklers in two sizes, one of which is a mammoth 1 metre long! You can have sparkler fun whilst knowing that you are being eco-friendly. Our Eco Sparkle Sticks are like a standard iron sparkler but without the iron. Sparkle Sticks burn down to nothing, all the ash falls on the floor and you are just left with a small wooden handle so there is no hot wire left. Brilliant!
How many sparklers in the packet?
Whilst it is most common to have 4 or 5 in a packet it does vary. Each product descriptions says how many are in each packet. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we also sell bulk and wholesale quantities so look out for them if you want a large amount for a birthday party or a wedding for example.
How many sparklers do you want?
If you are buying lots of sparklers for a big event, like a party or a wedding you could get a better deal buying a bulk amount rather than lots of individual packets. We have a lot of customers who buy bulk sparklers or wholesale sparklers. If the quantity you actually need isn't listed on give us a call and we can help make up a package to suit you.
Still confused? If you are confused and need any support Cheapest Sparklers Online can help you. You can call or email us anytime and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Remember if you do make a purchase and decide to change it to something else, we do offer 14-day returns. Please see our returns policy for more information.