What’s an indoor sparkler?

At Cheapest Sparklers Online we sell a variety of indoor and outdoor sparklers in lots of different colours and sizes. Indoor sparklers generally give of less smoke; now that’s obvious with the common ones (cake sparklers, food safe sparklers) as they are smaller in size, normally 4” or 7”. However, we’ve specially sourced some 18” and 10” handheld indoor sparklers too.

Common uses for our indoor sparklers are:

4” Indoor Sparklers - We have 4” stars, heart or straight sparklers, these are perfect in cakes especially cupcakes. Why not take a sneak peak of our Instagram or Facebook for ideas on how to use them in your cupcakes.

7” Indoor Sparklers - We have lots of these. We stock different shapes like stars and hearts even a unicorn sparkler. We also have straight ones and ones for each number too so you can use them instead of candles in your birthday cakes. Most of the 7” range we stock come in 5 colours too. These are commonly used in cakes and food. They are so versatile. Our personal fave 7” sparkler is the neon 10 pack.

10” Indoor Sparklers – With a 40 second burn time these are great to use at a party with kids, long enough to get the wow factor but leaves a lot more time to eat cake!

18” Indoor Sparklers – We do a special gold 18” indoor sparkler which although it is called ‘wedding sparkler’ can be used at any time, they are perfect to use at parties or family get togethers.

Regardless of indoor or outdoor please always remember sparklers are sparklers. They become just as hot and the sparks are just as strong, therefore keep out of reach for small children and dispose of them responsibly.

If you’re thinking of a birthday, anniversary or any other kind of party indoors be sure to check out what we have to offer.