Sparklers for all occasions

We don’t agree you always need a special occasion to use sparklers, you can use them at any time, I mean who doesn’t love a bit of sparkly fun? There are some occasions where it is more conventional to use them, let’s take a further look.

Wedding Sparklers

Are you getting married soon? Or know someone that is? Using sparklers at a wedding is becoming a big thing. They are used mainly to create a stunning entrance or a grand exit, when the newlyweds are setting off and leaving the venue, although there is nothing to stop someone using them at any point during the wedding. Wedding planners and wedding venues along with the couples themselves often contact us to discuss what is the best option. People also do things like add sparklers tags to the sparklers with a customized message from the couple, or their name and wedding date, also they display the sparklers in pretty sparkler buckets too.

You can use any sparklers for your wedding, some things you may want to consider are the colour, we have gold looking sparklers which could be perfect. You may also want to think about the burn time, you need the sparklers to last long enough to give you plenty of time to get the pictures done.

If you are unsure if wedding sparklers are right for you have you thought about our confetti cannons, they come in gold and silver metallic, perfect for a wedding explosion!

New Year Sparklers

New Year’s Eve is something that is celebrated the world over, fireworks and sparklers are normally let off in the evening or at the strike of midnight. Outdoor handheld sparklers are a brilliant thing to accompany your fireworks display. If you are planning on staying indoors in the warm you can use our indoor sparklers.

If you are having a party you may want to consider our champagne sparklers, also known as bottle sparklers or ice fountains to glitz and fire up your bottles of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. We even sell bottle clips to help secure these champagne sparklers to the bottle.

Birthday Sparklers

Having a party? It’s your birthday so you deserve to stand out from the crowd and make a big impact on your guests. We have a few ways we can help you do this.

Firstly, let’s talk cake! Our food safe candle sparklers come in a few varieties. You could use our more traditional form of a straight candle which sparklers, shape candle sparklers, champagne sparklers which come with holders attached to use in cakes, or if you are brave enough to show everyone your age a number candle is perfect. If you are opting for cup cakes then our 4” or 7” sparklers are the perfect size. We even have a musical candle if you like to be seen and heard.

Secondly this is the perfect time to light up some ice fountains on the bottle of your birthday tipple. Use our ice fountain clips to help secure the ice fountains. They are reusable so keep them for next year too.

Don’t forget we sell party products too. This is a perfect excuse to make a bang with a party confetti cannon.

Anniversary Sparklers

When it comes to celebrating your anniversary why not add sparklers to the party. They are a great way to keep things entertaining and can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors by everyone. As our gold wedding sparklers have a little more of a classy look, they would be a perfect sparkler to also reminisce about the big day.

Bonfire Night Sparklers

No bonfire night is complete without sparklers. They are the must have of all fireworks! Whether they help to get the party started or used as finisher, there is no denying that sparklers are loved by young and old. In fact, if you are ever asked what you remember about bonfire night you will get fire, fireworks and SPARKLERS! As Bonfire night is all about colour and noise check out our coloured and crackling sparklers too, they make this just a little bit better.

Chinese New Year Sparklers

Chinese New Year is monumental celebration for Chinese people across the world. The New Year celebrations can last up to two weeks and marks the start of the new lunar year. Each new year is named after one of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Typical celebrations include parades and performance, people dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. Fireworks and sparklers are set off as a way to ward off any evil spirits. A common firework used is a firecracker, our crackling sparklers and even our Fun Snaps are great for this occasion.

Halloween Sparklers

Ohhh spooky... are you having a Halloween party or just want some ideas of what to do with the kids on Halloween? Using sparklers at any gathering is a great way to get everyone active and engaged. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we also sell all party accessories you need to get the party started. If you are stuck for idea, why not give us a call and we can help inspire you how to add sparklers into the night.

Diwali Sparklers

Diwali is a significant celebration for the Sikh, Hindu and Jain culture. Indians from all backgrounds celebrate by visiting temples, lighting candles and meeting friends and family. It is commonly known as the festival of light and what better way to create light and sparkle with sparklers. Our sparklers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and effects and will make Diwali that bit more special. We sell indoor sparklers too meaning you can have fun with them indoors. Our Fun Snaps are lots of fun and would be perfect to use with the family when they come to visit.

Eid Sparklers

Eid is celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Eid marks the end of Ramadan and consists of breaking the fast. Lots of people celebrate this by spending time exchanging gifts and visiting friends and family. They also light sparklers to mark the occasion and celebrate as they have completed a special accomplishment. You can use our food safe sparklers to pop a celebratory sparkler into your sweet dishes. Don’t forgot our handheld ice fountains too, they can be a great way to add some colour into your celebration.

4th July Sparklers

The 4th July marks the day of Independence in the United States and is classed as a federal holiday. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, sparklers, barbecues and family reunions. It is classed as the national day of the United States. Whilst we are a UK based company, we want to celebrate all the occasions with you. Have you looked at our smoke grenades? We sell all the colours of the American flag, you could let them all off at the same time.

Christmas Sparklers

Its Christmas! Christmas is the most magical time of the year. A time where we can enjoy special moments with our loved ones and splash out on gift and presents. What better way to add a bit of sparkle to Christmas dinner with sparklers us at Cheapest Sparklers Online. We have hundreds to choose from and they can really help spruce up a Christmas turkey or pudding. Take a look at the coloured sparklers online too, no doubt we will have a colour to match your table décor.

Valentine Sparklers

Make it a Valentine’s day to remember by adding sparklers to the mix. Whether they're being used for a bit of fun or glamming up a present, they are the perfect accompaniment to show your partner you love them. We even have heart shaped sparklers, what better shape to mark this occasion. Let show some love.

Retirement Sparklers

This is something to celebrate! Why not retire in style by adding sparklers to your retirement party. They will definitely help wake the guests up and ensure you finish off your career with a twinkle in your eye. Sparklers are a fun way for everyone to get involved and they'll certainly be a unique addition. You can also consider other items like candles for your cake or party cannons.

Christening Sparklers

The christening of a new born baby boy or girl is the most precious moment in a parent's life. Not only does it mark the start of something truly special but is a great reason to celebrate. Many of our customers use sparklers to mark the occasion and they are great fun for adults and children. When you know the numbers attending why not look at our bulk buy sparklers to see if we have the right package for you.

Gender Reveal Sparklers

Are you soon to have a baby? Gender reveals are quickly replacing baby showers here in the UK, they are the new way to host a celebration to welcome the soon to be born baby. Some people choose to know the gender of their baby and use the occasion to let everyone else know, whilst other parents are finding out at the same time. Generally, the colour pink for a girl and blue for a boy are used. At Cheapest Sparklers Online we have a few coloured options, we have sparklers that come in pink and blue, we even have ice fountains in pink and blue too. The choice is yours. If it’s a surprise we sell confetti cannons which come in discreet packaging so these are the perfect way to do the reveal, if you want us to send you a surprise cannon get in touch and we will let you know how we can help.

Baby Shower Sparklers

If you are going more traditional and having a baby shower before welcoming your bundle of joy, we have perfect accessories to bring to the party. Confetti cannons in pink and blue, ice fountains in pink and blue, cake sparklers in pink and blue, and even more generic cake sparklers or colours like yellow where maybe you don’t know if it’s a pink or blue moment yet. Take a look, we are sure we have the right items for you.

Nightclub Sparklers

Restaurant sparklers and nightclub sparklers are a great way to make a lasting impression on your guests to keep them coming back time and time again. Champagne sparklers, also known as bottle sparklers or ice fountains, add glitz and glamour to your bottles of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. They burn like a hot and fiery fountain of about 8 inches high. Impress guests by bringing their bottle or even cakes with these lit and make them feel special.